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April 3, 2000 - #104.5

April Fool! Yes, you heard it here, dear readers, there's not really a brand spanking new column this week but there will be a brand spanking new column next week, no Fooling, April or otherwise. I mean, I wanted to write a brand spanking new column but with April Fool's Day (AFD) and Daylight Savings Time (DST) mucking up the works I simply couldn't. But next week, dear readers, there will be a lengthy column filled with length. Oh, there is so much to tell you, dear readers. For example, our Presidential campaign is forging ahead. Not forging afoot, mind you, no, it's forging ahead. And I will tell you all about my trip to Lafayette, Louisiana where I saw actual alligators. I will also tell you my thoughts on the new musical entitled Martin Guerre. And so much more. Meanwhile, get the word out that The Real A is running for President and be sure to shout out our campaign slogan: What is it, fish?

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