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Frequently Asked Questions

Written by and David Levy.

Table of Contents

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2 Works

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4 Sondheim On-line

5 Biased Drivel by SondoManiacs

4 Sondheim On-line

4.1 Listserve

The Sondheim List is an informal discussion of Sondheim and his works. Its participants have described it as having a community feeling, and new members are always welcome. Beware: the discussions have ranged from the very intellectual (dissecting the lyrics to "Losing My Mind") to the silly (trying to figure out where the body microphones were hidden during Passion's nude scene) to the off topic (discussing the 50's non-Sondheim musical The Golden Apple). The list tends to be very high traffic, sometimes delivering 50 - 100 messages a day. A digest version is available.

Sondheim himself read the list for a short while through a friend's account, but he found it too high traffic for his tastes. He has, however, answered questions sent to him on behalf of the list, and his answers were then transcribed onto the list. He has agreed to continue this process at his convenience. (He also completed a much larger "cyber-interview" for the Compuserve reader's group. This can be read via the Stephen Sondheim Stage on the WWW.)

To subscribe to the list, send an e-mail to containing the line:

Subscribe Sondheim

You will then receive a confirmation message with instructions for posting to the list.


The Sondheim Usenet newsgroup ( has considerably less traffic than the Sondheim mailing list. It has more or less been limited to users posting questions, which are then answered by others. However, as the traffic increases, it will probably develop more in depth discussions, ala the list.

4.3 Sondheim on the WWW

At the present time, there is one Sondheim Web Site: The Stephen Sondheim Stage, which can be found at It is a very comprehensive Sondheim site, including information about all the major productions of Sondheim's shows, news about Sondheim's current projects, features such as interviews with cast members from Sondheim's shows, and the hypertext version of this FAQ. The SSS also maintains a relationship with "The Sondheim Review," so some of the information from TSR can be found on-line at SSS. It has received favorable reviews, most notably The Microsoft Network naming the SSS one of the "Top 12 Theatrical Web Sites on the Internet" and the "5%" Award from Point Communications, named the SSS as part of the top 5% of WWW pages.

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