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Gypsy is based on the memoirs of Gypsy Rose Lee, a famous burlesque stripper. The musical focuses on her overbearing mother, Rose, the quintessential stage mother, as she pushes Gypsy (then known as Louise) and her sister June into life on the vaudeville circuit, forever trying to break into the big time.

One of the greatest musicals of all time, Gypsy features music by Jule Styne, lyrics by Sondheim, and a book by Arthur Laurents. It was directed by legendary director/choreographer Jerome Robbins and the original 1962 production starred Ethel Merman as Mama Rose.

It has been revived several times, first as a London production featuring Angela Lansbury as Rose and Zan Charisse as Louise, which eventually transferred to Broadway in 1974, and a more recent Broadway revival starring Tyne Daly as Rose in 1989. Gypsy was made into a motion picture with Rosalind Russell as Rose and Natalie Wood as Louise in 1963, and into a TV movie with Bette Midler in 1993.

- June Abernathy

Show Data

Original Broadway Production Info:

May 21, 1959
Closed March 25, 1961
Ran 702 Performances
Theatre Broadway Theatre
Music Jule Styne
Lyrics Stephen Sondheim
Book Stephen Laurents
suggested by memoirs of Gypsy Rose Lee
Producer David Merrick
Leland Hayward
Director Jerome Robbins
Choreography Jerome Robins
Set Designer Jo Mielziner
Costumes Designer Raoul Pene dy Bois
Lighting Designer Jo Mielziner
Dance Music Arranger John Kander
Musical Direction Milton Rosenstock
Orchestrations Sid Ramin
  Robert Ginzler

Original Broadway Cast:

Uncle Jocko
Mort Marshall
George Willy Sumner
Arnold John Borden
Balloon Girl Jody Lane
Baby Louise Karen Moore
Baby June Jacqueline Mayro
Rose Ethel Merman
Pop Erv Harmon
Newsboys Bobby Brownell
  Gene Castle
  Steve Curry
  Billy Harris
Weber Joe Silver
Herbie Jack Klugman
Louise Sandra Church
June Lane Bradbury
Tulsa Paul Wallace
Yonkers David Winters
Angie Ian Tucker
L.A. Michael Parks
Kringelein Loney Lewis
Mr. Goldstone Mort Marshall
Farm Boys Marvin Arnold
  Ricky Coll
  Don Emmons
  Michael Parks
  Ian Tucker
  Paul Wallace
  David Winters
Miss Cratchitt Peg Murray
Agnes Marilyn Cooper
Marjorie May Patsy Bruder
Delores Marilyn D'Honau
Thelma Merle Letowt
Edna Joan Petlak
Gail Imelda De Martin
Pastey Richard Porter
Tessie Tura Maria Karnilova
Mazeppa Faith Dane
Cigar Loney Lewis
Electra Chotzi Foley
Show Girls Kathryn Albertson
  Gloria Kristy
  Denise McLaglen
  Barbara London
  Theda Nelson
  Carroll Jo Towers
  Marie Wallace
Maid Marsha Rivers
Phil Joe Silver
Bougeron-Cochon George Zima
Cow Willy Sumner

Musical Numbers:

  1. Overture
  2. May We Entertain You
  3. Some People
  4. Small World
  5. Baby June and Her Newsboys
  6. Mr. Goldstone, I Love You
  7. Little Lamb
  8. You'll Never Get Away From Me
  9. Dainty June and Her Farmboys
  10. If Momma Was Married
  11. All I Need Is the Girl
  12. Everything's Coming Up Roses
  13. Madame Rose's Toreadorables
  14. Together, Wherever We Go
  15. You Gotta Get a Gimmick
  16. Let Me Entertain You
  17. Rose's Turn

Cut Songs:

  1. Mama's Talkin' Soft
  2. Smile, Girls
  3. Three Wishes for Christmas
  4. Who Needs Him?

Broadway Revival (1) Production Info:

 Opened September 23, 1974
 Closed January 4, 1975
Ran 120 Performances
Theatre Winter Garden Theatre
Music Jule Styne
Lyrics Stephen Sondheim
Book Stephen Laurents
Suggested by memoirs of Gypsy Rose Lee
Producer Barry M. Brown
  Edgar Lansbury
  Joseph Beruh
Director Arthur Laurents
Choreog. Reproduction Robert Tucker
Set Designer Robert Randolph
Costume Designer Raoul Pene du Bois
  Robert Mackintosh
Lighting Designer Robert Randolph
Musical Direction Milton Rosenstock

Broadway Revival Cast:

Uncle Jocko John C. Becher
George Don Potter
Clarence Craig Brown
Balloon Girl Donna Elio
Baby Louise Lisa Peluso
Baby June Bonnie Langford
Rose Angela Lansbury
Chowsie Pee Wee
Pop Ed Riley
Newsboys Craig Brown
  Anthony Marciona
  Sean Rule
  Mark Santoro
Weber Charles Rule
Herbie Rex Robbins
Louise Zan Charisse
June Maureen Moore
Tulsa John Sheridan
Yonkers Steven Gelfer
L.A. David Lawson
Little Rock Jay Smith
San Diego Dennis Karr
Boston Serhij Bohdan
Kringelein John C. Becher
Mr. Goldstone Don Potter
Miss Cratchitt Gloria Rossi
Hollywood Blondes Pat Cody
  Jinny Kordek
  Jan Neuberger
  Marilyn Olson
  Pat Richardson
Agnes Denny Dillon
Pastey Richard J. Sabellico
Tessie Tura Mary Louise Wilson
Mazeppa Gloria Rossi
Cigar John C. Becher
Electra Sally Cooke
Maid Bonnie Walker
Phil Ed Riley
Bougeron-Cochon Serhij Bohdan

Secondary performance rights handled by Tams-Witmark Music Library


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